Packington Estate Phase I & II

Packington Estate is a large phased redevelopment of a 60’s estate on Regents Canal in Islington, London. The scheme knits the estate back into the surrounding urban grain and provides a large number of family townhouses in addition to mews houses, apartments, commercial space and a community centre. The phased nature of the project allows residents to be decanted into new accommodation as it becomes available.

I worked on Packington for 9 months following my undergraduate degree through stages F-H. During this time we achieved practical completion for Phase I and the first residents moved in, and the Phase II build was well underway by the time I left to return to university.

All images © Pollard Thomas Edwards

05_934_N471_indesa405_934_Packington_Estate_indesa405_934_Packington_Estate_N40_indesa405_934_N384E:5_934-2_Packington Phase 22009_01_E_DETAILED DESIGN02_MODE:5_934-2_Packington Phase 22009_01_E_DETAILED DESIGN03_PRI


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