wsa2 Vertical Studio


2nd Year Vertical Studio Project. Tutor: Kevin Hong
‘Don’t start from the good old things but the bad new ones.’ Berthold Brecht

As cities expand and grow, allocation of industry gets placed further to the periphery of cities. Whether in the
form of ‘warehouse lots’ or ‘industrial parks’, these places become segregated and contained with little or no connection to the city. Taking this as a contemporary condition, the studio investigated the importance of these spaces
to cities, in activating street life, relationships to infrastructure and buildings by providing generosity to those working and living within.

Investigation into the ‘pockets’ of industry within the urban fabric of Cardiff. In traditional evolved city centre sites industrial activities are accommodated within the urban grain and necessarily respond to their context, providing a rich, cross-fertilised industrial landscape which is perhaps denied in the modern industrial estate.

Design proposal for the reuse of derelict industrial space with temporary uses designed to ‘re-activate’ their locality. In this case a temporary rehearsal space and performance venue in Penarth, Cardiff.


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